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If you attend a Public School (attend at no cost) Click Here!

If you attend a Private School ($750) Click Here!

If you are a high school science teacher ($250 stipend) Click Here!

If you would like to serve as Proctor/Mentor ($600 stipend) Click Here!

Student Requirements

  1. Must have completed 10th grade
  2. Must have completed a high school biology course
  3. Must have at least a B average

Dates:  June 18 to June 29, 2018

Location:  Colegio San Ignacio, Urb. Santa María, 1940 Calle Saúco, San Juan

Cost: $750 ($150 non-refundable deposit + $600 tuition due May 11th)
Scholarships available for all teachers and public school students thanks to the Amgen Foundation.