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The Ignite Biotechnology Summer Program, is a two-week science immersion program for high school students and teachers with a proven interest in science.  We are now enrolling facilitators for the 5th annual session (June 3-14, 2019).  Among the areas covered are: Manipulation of DNA, PCR, ELISA, Mammalian Protein Expression, Anemia, Development of Biopharmaceuticals, Patents and Intellectual Property, Business and Finance of Biotechnology, among others.

The program is seeking the help of 18 proctors/mentors to help supervise laboratory activities for the student participants. We are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals capable of communicating their enthusiasm for science to the 2 students that they will be assigned to supervise and mentor.

Ideal applicants should have finished or be actively pursuing a graduate degree in a relevant area of science (Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Engineering). Undergraduates with meaningful biological laboratory experience will also be considered.

Stipend: $600 for the two-week period

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Proctors are required to be present at Colegio San Ignacio the following times (preliminary, subject to change):

Date Start End
Saturday, June 1 10AM 12PM
Monday, June 3 1PM 4PM
Tuesday, June 4 8AM 4PM
Wednesday, June 5 8AM 12PM
Thursday, June 6 8AM 12PM
Friday, June 7 8AM 12PM
Tuesday, June 11 8AM 12PM
Wednesday, June 12 8AM 4PM
Thursday, June 13 8AM 12PM
Friday, June 14 8AM 4PM